DJ Swing Dance

September 27, 2014

Widener Hall (directions) at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, 8855 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia (Directly next to Chestnut Hill Hospital

Evening Dance starts 8:45pm; pre-dance evening lessons -- at no additional charge -- start 7pm


To Volunteer:

To Volunteer to assist at the event (and GET IN FREE!!), email or call (215) 629-2344.

Summer DJ Dances, all at Widener Hall (directions) at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill 8855 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia; thus far (a few more may be added):

July 26 ///// August 9 ///// September 27

All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome, No Partners necessary, Dress Casual;

All admission prices are $3 off ($5 off special events) with current student I.D. or
substantial baked goods (that's what the slashes ("/") in the prices are about, e.g."$15/$12", or "$20/$15", or whatever the price is)

For More Information: (11am to 11pm) call: (215) 629-2344 or (610) 676-0123 or visit the frequently asked questions page.

TO VOLUNTEER TO HELP AT THE DANCES, call (11am - 11pm), Lesley (215-629-2344) at least one week before the dance. Volunteers Get Free Admission to the dance.

...Sorry! Neither alcohol nor smoking permitted.

. Email List: To be on the PSDS email list ( send us your email address.

For questions or whatever, E-mail PSDS.

Hope to see you at the dance!

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